We are a tailor made auxiliary-service agency for your technical repairs and maintenance assistance.



Spare parts logistics & customs brokerage

When it comes to spare parts logistics we offer attractive advantages for international companies.

Mechanical repairs, Load Tests, welding

In SHIPSAS PANAMA we perform overload tests for your hoisting equipment and auxiliary mechanical repairs.

Underwater Inspections and hull cleaning, propeller polish, niche & thrusters cleaning, ROV´s

Underwater inspections are used to assess the condition and performance of submerged structures such as bridges, dams, pipelines, underwater cables, oil platforms and ship hulls.

3D Scanning and Modeling for Ballast Water Treatment Systems and Scrubber installation

It consists of a group of technicians and engineers from various fields, forming at least three field-operational teams.

Technical supplies

We aim to provide optimized and smooth spare parts logistics and we strive to deliver tailormade solutions, maintaining your efficient operations and thus strengthening your company’s competitive position.

Cargo Insurance

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Excellent company quality services

SHIPSAS PANAMA, embodies excellence through its unwavering commitment to quality services. With a dedication to precision and expertise, Shipsas consistently delivers unparalleled craftsmanship, ensuring that every vessel entrusted to its care receives top-notch maintenance and repairs. Recognized as an industry leader, Shipsas sets the standard for excellence in maritime service, earning the trust and admiration of customers around the world.»

Technology and innovation

At SHIPSAS PANAMA, we’re transforming maritime repair with state-of-the-art technology. From drone-assisted inspections to AR-enhanced repairs and AI-driven predictive maintenance, we’re pioneering new standards in efficiency and precision. Join us as we navigate the seas of innovation, setting new benchmarks for excellence in boat maintenance and service.


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Cargo Insurance

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